Cover Scavenger Hunt Quarterly Challenge

Cover Scavenger Hunt Quarterly Challenge
March 15, 2017 through June 14, 2017

We've all been on a scavenger hunt - this time we are doing it with the covers of the books we read! For every book you read from March 15th through June 14th try to find an item on the cover for a category below. List the book in the category and provide the cover along with the date you finished reading the book. The rules are simple:
● One item per book.
● Each category is five items maximum. To complete a category, find 5 different items.
● Items in each category must be distinct - one only cover with a dog, but remember wolves and dogs aren't the same thing!
● For items to be distinct, they have to be different both ways. A woman's bracelet and a man's bracelet are the same and both can't be used - no matter how you look at it, it is a bracelet. But a river and a waterfall are different because while a waterfall is usually part of a river, a river isn't a waterfall.
● Audiobooks and rereads are acceptable.
● You may use the cover from any edition, for example, you can use the ebook cover even if you listen to the audiobook.
● The minimum page count for this challenge is 75 pages.
● To post your completion, please show the cover and the date you finished reading the book.
● If you want to use an unconventional item for a category, you will need to explain how it fits from the story - for example, if the heroine stabs someone with a pen, the pen is a weapon and can count for that category if found on the cover.

Pick a level and begin reading on March 15th!

Level 1 - Find any 10 items on your book covers.
Level 2 - Find 15 items on your book covers, with one category complete.
Level 3 - Find 25 items on your book covers, with two categories complete.
Level 4 - Find 35 items on your book covers, with four categories complete.
Level 5 - Find 45 items total on your book covers so all categories complete.

Read a books with items from five different categories on the cover.
The bonus may be as many books as you find!

Super Ultimate Bonus:
Read a book with an item from ALL the categories on the cover!
I don't know if this is possible, but I can't wait to see if someone finds one!


Examples: ring, necklace, earring, bracelet, cufflink

Articles of Clothing:
Examples: shirt, dress, pants, tie, gloves, shoes

Modes of transport:
Examples: car, boat, plane, bike

Examples: dog, cat, horse, bird

Examples: house, mansion, castle, highrise, barn

Examples: gun, knife, sword

Household items:
Examples: lamp, bed, table, rug

Bodies of Water:
Examples: ocean, lake, river, puddle

Items Found in Nature:
Examples: tree, flower, grass


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