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The Ten-Day Baby Takeover - Karen Booth (HD #2509 - Apr 2017)

Series: Langford Family (Book 3)
           Billionaires and Babies (Book 81)

A billionaire's baby deal!

One look into his infant son's trusting blue gaze and Aiden Langford knows his wild, carefree days are over. If only he can get Sarah Daltrey, his son's temporary guardian, to give him daddy lessons… Certainly the soft-hearted entrepreneur will agree to his ten-day proposal to stay as the nanny. Aiden just needs to keep his mind on parenting and off Sarah's seductive curves…

Being in the handsome tycoon's arms puts up Sarah's emotional defenses even as her body begs her to let go. But being a babysitter with benefits isn't on her agenda -- especially for a father and son who might steal her heart…

Very good book. I've been wanting to read Aiden's story since he appeared in That Night With the CEO and Pregnant by the Rival CEO. I knew there had to be a story behind why he wasn't in charge of the family business, as the oldest, and a reason for the tension between him and the rest of the family. There had been hints, but here we finally get the full story.

Sarah has come to New York to turn over custody of her best friend's baby to his unsuspecting father. She's been trying to reach him for weeks and been ignored, so she has shown up at his office and refuses to leave until she sees him. It isn't going well, until an encounter with Aiden's sister Anna gets her in the door. She was hoping for a quick turnover so she could get away without losing more of her heart to little Oliver. But it didn't work out that way.

I loved how Aiden was so stunned at being a father, but stepped up right away. He is a man known for his high risk activities, but being totally responsible for Oliver was a daunting prospect. He isn't known for his negotiating abilities for nothing, and he soon has Sarah agreeing to stay for ten days of daddy lessons in exchange for helping her with her business.

I loved the development of their relationship. There is a strong attraction from the beginning, but Oliver comes first. The scenes of instruction were fantastic, sometimes funny, sometimes emotional, and always spot on. I adored seeing Sarah send Aiden and Oliver into the bathtub together, telling him it would be a bonding experience for them. It was awesome to see Aiden fall so sweetly for his little boy. This was also a scene where the sparks between Aiden and Sarah were really flying. Sarah can't stop checking him out, and Aiden definitely returns the interest. Over the next few days they spend a lot of time together as Sarah instructs him in the basics, and they begin to learn more of each other. Sarah is there to witness the tension between Aiden and his mother, and is able to get him to talk about it. I loved how she was able to point out to him that it was his chance to give Oliver the kind of love he felt he never had.

I also loved how Aiden quickly came to understand how much Sarah's business meant to her. He went through a lot of effort to help her with one particular contact. He saw her nervousness and took steps to give her the confidence she needed to do what she had to do. Sarah realizes that she is falling hard for Aiden, which scares her because she had already been burned once. I liked that she was willing to take the risk and give in to the attraction. What they had together seemed to be growing stronger. Their connection was definitely evident when Aiden had his confrontation with his mother and Sarah was there to help him through it. But their relationship takes a hit when Sarah confesses her feelings and Aiden panics. I ached for her as she leaves Aiden and Oliver behind, as well as her heart. I have to admit to being pleased that Aiden was so miserable. It was fun to see his conversation with Anna as she pointed out his idiocy. I loved his big moments at the end. His groveling when he went after Sarah was terrific, and his proposal at the end was sweet and romantic.

I enjoyed seeing the other Langford couples again. I especially loved Anna's involvement from the beginning. I loved her shock when she met Sarah and Oliver in the office lobby, and her immediate determination to help. The enthusiasm with which she and Jacob jumped in to babysit Oliver was sweet to see. After years of being pitted against each other by their father, I really liked the way that the siblings have begun to improve their relationships. I was also happy to see their support of Aiden when he finally learned the truth he had been searching for for so long.

**copy received in exchange for honest review

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