Candyland Quarterly Challenge

Sept. 15, 2017- Dec. 14, 2017

Candyland- based on the children's board game

Candyland Board Game- Candyland is a game designed to help young children learn through recognition of colors. Play proceeds as the players draw colored cards, then move to the next square that shares that color. Players must face adventures such as the "peppermint forest" and "licorice squares."

Candyland Pieces-This game is perfect for young children who want to play games but can't read. Candyland is a colorful board with gingerbread man playing tokens that appeals to young children. Candyland does not require any reading for play. 

Pick a level and begin reading on September 15th!

5 Books- Original Candyland Game
10 Books- Winnie the Pooh Edition
15 Books- Dora the Explorer Edition
20 Books- Disney Princess Edition
25 Books- Candyland: Chocolate Edition
30 Books- Candyland Deluxe
Bonus- 6 books that can be added to any level

**There is no minimum page requirement for this challenge.
Audiobooks and rereads are allowed.
You can always add levels as you go.
You may update your original post with your progress or repost , it is your choice. But please repost upon completion**

Characters depend on the version of the game.

1.The Kids – In the classic version, they are two blonde twins. In 2002, there are four kids of varying races.
-Read a YA book or a book with children in the story line

2. Mr. Mint – He lives in the Candycane Forest, and is a candy cane "woodcutter". He was removed from World of Sweets and then brought back for the 2013 version as an ice skater instead of a woodcutter.
-Read a book with a character that works outdoors and/or with their hands (i.e. doctor, builder, painter, tennis player, chef, pilot)

3. Duke of Swirl – Mr. Mint's replacement in the 2010 edition.
-Read a book published in 2010 or a book with a step-parent, second wife, second husband or a character who had their boyfriend/girlfriend 'replace' them.

4. Gramma Nutt – Gramma Nutt lives in a peanut brittle house on the corner of Candyland.
-Read a book with extended family members somewhere in the story or a book coming up on your to-read list ('right around the corner')

5. King Kandy – the king of Candyland. He lives in a castle made of sweets.
-Read a story with a King or any nobility or a book with a character who thinks he/she is the boss.

6. Jolly – He was removed in the 2010 version and then after widespread outcry and demand was brought back for the 2013 edition.
-Read a humorous book or a book with someone smiling on the cover

7. Mamma Ginger Tree – Makes the best gingersnaps in all of Candyland. She was removed from the game.
-Read a book where a character goes to jail or is in jail or a book where law enforcement plays a part.

8. Cupcake Commons – Mamma Ginger Tree's replacement in the 2010 version.
-Read a book with a baker or bakery or food on the cover or a book with two words that have repeating first letters in a row (i.e. Cocky Client, The Sheik and the Bought Bride ).

9. Princess Lolly – She was renamed 'Lolly' after 2002 edition and later renamed Princess Lolly in 2010 edition.
-Read a book with double letters in the title or author's name or a book published in 2010.

10. Queen Frostine – She was renamed 'Princess Frostine' after 2002 edition.
-Read a book by an author or character that uses a pseudonym or a book with a character who is undercover or has changed their name.

11. Lord Licorice – He is the villain of Candyland.
-Read a book with a character who is evil or mean.

12. Gloppy – Friendly monster made of chocolate (originally made of molasses)
-Read a book with a friendly or nice character or a book with a character that goes through a transformation.


13. Candy Castle – The location the players are attempting to reach.
-Read a book set in a castle or has a castle or any type of dwelling on the cover.

14. Gingerbread Plum Trees – Where Plumpy sits eating plums from his gingerbread trees.
-Read a book that has a scene in the woods or a park or has trees on the cover.

15. Gumdrop Mountains – Offers a "gumdrop path", or a shortcut.
-Read a shorter book (less than 200 pages).

16. Licorice Castle – A black and red licorice castle with licorice bats.
-Read a book with a title that has red or black letters.

17. Lollipop Woods – A forest of rainbow lollipops, which resemble trees.
-Read a book with a colorful cover or a LGBT book.

18. Molasses Swamp – A swamp of molasses with brown popsicle plants.
-Read a book set in a swampy area (i.e. Louisiana) or a book that has a body of water in the story or on the cover.

19. Peanut Brittle House – A cottage made of peanut brittle with peanut plants growing outside.
-Read a book you have a feeling you will go 'nuts' over.

20. Peppermint Forest – A snowy thicket of peppermint candy canes.
-Read a holiday romance or a book set in Winter.

21. Ice Cream Sea – A bubbly ice cream sea where Queen Frostine resides.
-Read a book set at sea or a book with a Queen or a book with a character with a 'bubbly' personality.

Cool and Interesting Facts about Candyland -

22. Candy Land: The Great Lollipop Adventure is a 2005 animated direct-to-DVD film based on the board game- In the film, the evil Lord Licorice starts to take over Candy Land, assisted by his Bites, changing it from a brightly colored happy kingdom to a somber, drab-hued place.
-Read a Dystopian or Apocalyptic story, or a book with a character who likes power and/or being in charge.

23. In the first edition, the pawns were wooden but was changed in the 1967 version to plastic gingerbread men
-Read a book with a fake or 'plastic' character, or a book with a character that has had a hard life.

24. Two or more Gingerbread men may be on the same space at the same time.
-Read a romance with a love triangle, menage or with characters who are vying for the same job, love interest, etc.

25. The Candyland deck consists of 66 cards.
-Read a book with a '6' in the page count, number of ratings or date published.

26. Eleanor Abbot created the game in San Diego, California.
-Read a book whose author's first or last name begins with either an A or E or read a book set in California.

27. The first Candyland board game sold for $1.
-Read a book that you thought was a 'great deal' (i.e. it was on sale, you borrowed it, it was so good and worth any amount you paid for it)

28. Over 40 million copies of Candyland have been produced.
-Read a book that has a large family in the story, or a book with many characters.

29. The first Candy Land box stated that the game was “A Sweet Little Game . . . For Sweet Little Folks.”
-Read a book with a character who plays games with a nice or sweet person's heart, or a book with something 'sweet' on the cover (i.e. a heart, flower, candy, cute face, etc.)

30. In 2005, the game was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame at The Strong in Rochester, New York.
-Read a book that has won an award or is a best-seller or a book with a character who is famous.


There are 6 different card colors used in Candyland -
Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Orange and Yellow.
-Read 6 books, each with a different one of the above colors found on the cover.

17. Best of My Love - Susan Mallery (HQN - May 2016) (colorful cover) - Oct 13

2. Blue - Dark Horse - B.J. Daniels (HI #1725 - Aug 2017) (blue sky) - Oct 11
3. Green - Soldier's Rescue - Betina Krahn (HHW #199 - Sept 2017) (green grass) - Oct 18

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